Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019
DATA FROM 5000 YEARS PDF Print E-mail

The antiquity of Indian History extends to thousands of years in the past. ABISY intends presently to collect data from the last 5000 years, with the beginning of Kali Yuga, an astronomical Indian Era.

Kaliyuga is followed in all Indian almanacs throughout the country and is running 5095th year in 1939. Kaliyuga runs in cycles of 60 years each. It is the 85th cycle which began in 1939. To begin with, data has to be collected for the first 12 years of the 85th cycle (From 1939 AD to 1950 AD), and then backwards along with the previous cycles till one reaches the first cycle of KE.

The data collection is planned for all subjects, all districts and all cycles of Kaliyuga.