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Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019
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The British applied their model of historiography and wrote Bharatheeya history. The current Indian history books, even today are continuing the same British written Indian history.

The British written Indian history tells that – “the people of India were neither civilized nor had any culture of their own. The Aryans occupied India in 1500 BC, followed by the invasions of the Muslims and the British.”

Modern scientific researches have shown that the British model was a concoction. Various nationalistic history scholars who met at Nagpur in 1978 and 1979 proposed the formation of Akhila Bharatheeya Sankalana Yojana (ABISY).

Mananeeya Sri Baba Saheb Apte, who dedicated his life for the National cause, was instrumental in initiating the process. Sri Moro Panth Pingle had founded the organization, thus making the vision of Sri Apteji.

Data collection is essential for proper and true presentation of history. The word sankalana denotes this objective.