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Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019
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The activities that the Karnataka chapter of the Bharateeya Itihasa Sankalana Samiti proposes to take up in future are,

  1. Seminars
    To conduct at least two seminars a year.
  2. State Level Conferences
    To conduct at least one conference to bring about awareness among the students, teachers and the general public of Karnataka about the history of our nation every year
  3. History Day
    Leading Historians, reputed teachers to be invited to speak on the importance of history to the students and teachers of different educational institutions every year on “History day”
  4. Publications
    In order to bring home the different aspects of History and culture of our nation, it is planned to bring at least four books a year. The cost price of the publication will not be more than 150 pages each and be available at a cost price of Rs.20, in order to reach a larger segment of the population.
    • For Students: We have started a series of books on the history of different districts of Karnataka.
    • For Teachers: In order to widen the vision of the teachers of history we propose to bring volumes on different aspects of Indian history and culture emphasizing the unity in diversity of our nation.
    • For the Common Man: This series aims to invoke a sense of national pride and awareness about the noble heritage of ours. It will also give ideas about what is expected of every citizen of this country in furthering the well being of our nation.
    • For the Academicians: This will mainly cover the papers and discussions of the workshops and seminars that will be held annually.
    • A Journal in Kannada to disseminate information regarding the activities of the Samiti and also to inform the general public about the recent trends and thoughts that are being debated in the field of History particularly in the field of Bharateeya history.
  5. Kalaganana
    In order to establish the national chronology based on Bharateeya system of Kalaganana, which will facilitate the revaluation, and rewriting of the nations history with the help of astronomy and geography. Since time immemorial we have a long tradition of scientific calculation of time in the form of Sankalpa, used in the religious and social functions of the Indian households. It is proposed to do some in depth research work into this chronological activity so that we can get a proper perspective to our history.
  6. Historiography of Cultures
    It is only in this country that all the cultures, be it indigenous or otherwise are thriving in close comradiary and mutual co-operation and interacting with each other to being about a growth in the collective psyche of the nation. A serious study diverse culture springing forth from the same source will be taken up.
  7. Place Names and Traditions
    Even though it is common knowledge that the place names and the local traditions in our country has a strong historical background, no systematic study has been taken up so far. We propose to take up such a study in the near future
  8. Fine Arts and Games
    It is a fact that the games played by the children and adults particularly the women folk of India are the same all over the country. An attempt has to be made to record them to show the world how; from time immemorial this country has been one, even in its day-to-day activities.