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Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019
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  1. On Thursday 11th January 1990 Sri Srirama sathe, President, All India Bharateeya itihasa sankalana Yojana spoke on “the role of history in National reconstruction” at Sarada vilas centenary Auditorium.
  2. On Saturday 13th January 1990 and 14th January 1990 in a two-day lecture program Sri. Warhad pande Emeritus professor of Sanskrit and Philosophy, Nagpur spoke on “Aryan invasion is a Myth” at the Sharada vilas centenary Auditorium.
  3. On 23rd January 1990 Tuesday in Gulbarga Sri Dr. Warhad pande gave a lecture on ‘the classification of languages and the origin of the Aryans’.
  4. On 24th January 1990 Wednesday in Gulbarga Prof. Warhad pande spoke on “Vedic literature and a trip to Indus valley civilization” at 5.30 pm at Ideal fine arts college Gulbarga.
  5. From 27th, 28th, and 29th of April 1990 a three-day lecture of Prof. Warhad pande was held at Bangalore.
  6. On 27th April Friday 1990 Dr N.R.Warhad pande spoke on the “Classification of Languages and the origin of Aryans”.
  7. On 28th of April 1990 Saturday Dr. N.R.Warhad pande spoke on the “Rigveda and the Aryan Non-Aryan conflict”
  8. On 29th of April 1990 Sunday Dr. N.R. Warhad pande spoke on “Vedic literature and the Indus valley civilization” at the Gokhale Institute of public affairs,Bangalore.
  9. On 30.10.1993 at 7.00 pm in Mysore the oceanic archeologist, Goa, Prof. S.R.Rao gave a lecture on  “New lights in the Dwaraka research”
  10. On 31.and 1.11. 1993 in Mysore a two-day lecture series was held by Prof. Sripati shastri, Prof. of history Pune University on “the role of history in national reconstruction” at Vivekananda hall of Mahajan’s college, Mysore.
  11. On 19.12.93. At 6.30 p.m. Dr.S.P.Gupta Director, Bharateeya archeological center, New Delhi spoke on “recent discoveries in Indian archeology’. The function was held at M. Govinda rao memorial hall Mysore.
  12. On 20.12.93. Dr. Satisahcandra mittal, Prof. of history Kurukshetra University, on ‘the distortions in Bharateeya history’ at M.Govinda Rao memorial hall, Mysore.
  13. On 28.6.2000 on Wednesday at 6.30 p.m.  In Mysore, Bharateeya itihasa smakalana samiti and Rashtrothana balaga had organized a lecture by Dr. Satisha chandra mittal, on “distortions in Bharateeya history” at Institution of engineers, Mysore.