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Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019
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Prathama samavesha
On 11.8.96 the firs regional conference of Karnataka was held at Vikas primary school Vithoba road Shimogga . Prof. S.R.Rao, Dr.A.Sundara, and many local scholars and a large number of persons who are deeply interested in the history of our country participated in the sessions.

In the first session Dr.A.Sundara spoke about the distortions in Indian history and also the growing apathy of students towards learning history and emphasized the need to inculcate a sense of pride in the future generations by proper teaching of history particularly the local history

In the second session Sri Haribhau vaze spoke on the necessity of collecting, collating and writing the local history at the village, the District, the State, and the regional level. .Sri B.S.Ramabhat spoke in detail about the considerable number of inscriptions that mention different incidents that had happened in the local area and also about the coins that are unearthed in the region which can answer many a puzzling practices that are prevalent in the region. Sri. Siddiah hiremath spoke on the places in the region, which are replete with historical information. Dr.S.R.Rao spoke on the different excavations in which he had done pioneering work like Dwarika, Poompuhar, Lothal. He also explained how recent discoveries throw an entirely a different light on the historical conclusions that we had entrained so far. All the lectures were followed by a keen discussion between the delegates and the scholars.

Dwiteeya samavesha
The second regional conference of the Bharateeya Itihasa Sankalana Samiti Karnataka was held at Mysore on 31st of January 1999

The aim of the convention was to Create awareness among the people about the necessity of knowing our own history and to bring a dialogue among the students, teachers and the lovers of history about means of improving History teaching in order to inculcate nationalistic pride among the students Bharata. Prof. Kalyana Raman a reputed Indologist of international fame addressed the inaugural session. It is goes to his credit of making the international community aware of the epochal discoveries in connection with the Sarsavati civilization. It is because of his untiring effort the under ground Sarasvati a huge river flowing under ground to be harnessed to make the deserts of Rajasthan blooms as it did 6000 years ago.

Sri Harbhau vaze National leader for the ABISY spoke about restructuring history, which is long over due in utilizing the information that is pouring from different branches knowledge which has thrown light on many a controversial points in history making resolutions easier. Vidwan M.Sivakumaraswamy, a senior research scholar Oriental Research Institute Mysore , spoke at length how from the Vedic times we have been aware of the concept of history and how our ancestors and its relevance in restructuring History to day.

The after noon session was for discussion about the Indian Kalaganana its accuracy and its necessity in handling events of longer duration along with the need of including traditions, folklore and local practices as sources of historical facts. Sri.M.A.Narasimhan and Dr. M.A.Jayashree Prof. of Sanskrit assisted the session.

Sri Narahari member of the Karnataka legislature addressed the concluding session. He spoke at length about how the cultural bias and the prejudices of the alien historians have distorted the history and regretted how such distortions of history is still being accepted even after fifty years of independence.

This conference was an unprecedented success for the extensive media coverage it got and also the delegates it attracted. Those who are interested in history overwhelmed those who were actually involved in learning, teaching and writing history. The total number of delegates who attended the conference was more than 300 in number hailing from different walks of life.