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Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019
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Bharateeya Itihasa Sankalana Samiti, Karnataka
In order to bring into reality the aims and objectives of the 'Akhila Bharateeya Itihasa Sankalana Yojana' (ABISY), in the state of Karnataka in 1990, the state unit of the Bharateeya Itihasa Sankalana Samiti started functioning informally under the able stewardship of Sri Hari Bhau vaze, with Prof. A.Gopala rao, Retd. Prof. of Sanskrit, Sharada Vilas College, as president and Sri S.Prasanna prakasha as secretary.  The state unit started implanting activities as per the direction of the ABISY.

To begin with, following Programmes were scheduled.

  1. District wise celebration of History days at least once a year. Lectures, exhibitions, seminars etc., be organized on this day to create awareness regarding history among the people and the scholars.
  2. Collection of the wording of Sankalpas : Any auspicious function of Hindus, begin with a sankalpa wherein it is narrated as to where, when and why the function is being organized, to know and to analyze the understanding of time and place by our ancients.
  3. Collecting district wise information regarding the war of Independence of 1857, especially participation of soldiers and common men.
  4. District wise data collection for twelve years of 85th cycle of Kaliyuga i.e., 1939 1950.

On 12.10,1994 Wednesday evening at 6.00 p.m at the Institutions of Engineers under the aegis of Dayananda Pai History research center, Bharateeya itihasa Sankalana Samiti, Karnataka was formally constituted with Prof. A.Sundara as president and Sri.S.Prasanna prakasha as secretary and Sri Prahlada rao as treasurer.

In 1995 the Karnataka unit was divided into North and South regions. Now the Bharateeya itihasa Sankalana Samiti Karnataka (South) is functioning under the guidance of Sri. Madhava. N. Katti, former Director epigraphy, Archeological survey of India as President, with Sri Prasanna prakasha as Secretary and Sri Pralhada rao as Treasurer.

Dayananda Pai Historical Reaserch Centre
On 30.10.1993 Saturday at 6.30 p.m. at Vivekananda hall of the Mahajan’s college Mysore, Dayananda Pai Historical Research Center was declared open by Sri Dayananada Pai, Executive Director, Century building industries, Ltd. Dr. M. Madaiah, vice chancellor Mysore University presided. Dr. S.R.Rao, Archeologist was the guest speaker.

As part of the inaugural speech, Sri Dyananda pai, the force behind the research center said the research centre has been formulated to bring into reality many of the schemes that has been envisaged by the “Itihasa Sankalana Yojana’.