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Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

Scientists of physical research laboratory at Ahmedabad have found out the dried bed of the Vedic river Saraswati on the basis of imagery from the satellite Landsat. The bed is 10 km width at some places. It runs from Shivalik mountains at Simla up to Runn of Kutch in Gujarat.

River Saraswati is described in the Vedas as “Naditame”, the biggest river of the land. Recently the scientists of Jodhpur Central Arid Zone Research Institute have found the date of drying up of the river Saraswathi as 4000 years ago. This negates 1200 BC as the date of Rig Veda.

Most of the Harappan sites are found on both the banks of dried beds of river Saraswthi. Date of drying of river Saraswathi is very important event in Indian history.

Under the stewardship of Padmashree Dr. V. S. Vakankar, scholars from different disciplines researched from Adi Badri in Shivalika mountains (near Simla) up to Dwaraka in Gujarat. It was found that most of the Harappan sites are situated on both the banks of the dried river Saraswati. The 15 scholars arrived at the conclusion that the so called Harappan civilization is actually the Vedic Sarawati Civilization and hence the date of Rig Veda found in present text books is incorrect. ABISY has also published the report of the findings.