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Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

In our literature, the word “arya” denotes only cultural and not racial aspects. In spite of knowing this, the westerners have given the term a racial connotation. The British and western scholars have consciously perpetuated such myths to weaken our National pride.

“Arya” means superior, intelligent, refined and cultured. Archeological investigations and DNA studies by the scientists have proved that no outsiders came to Bharath in ancient times; In contrary, Indians have immigrated to the entire world and spread their knowledge, culture and contributed for their growth.

This has been proved by our team of experts lead by Prof B.B. Lal in the 1977 UNESCO conference held in Dushanbe, Kazakhstan. Various research papers based on excavations & investigations in India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East, Turkey, Southern Russia, Central Asia and China are collected and published.

Aryan invasion theory is refuted in the book “Aryan invasion a myth”, by Dr. N.R. Wahapande.